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"The Forever Young" Handbag - Pink & Lilac Blossom

"The Forever Young" Handbag - Pink & Lilac Blossom

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"The "Forever Young" - handbag is a hand-painted and customized original vintage piece. I've transformed each handbag into a unique work of art, adding a touch of creativity to these recycled vintage treasures. You can carry it on whatever side works best with your style—pink or lilac.

"Forever Young" - handbag: Embracing eternal moments and meaningful stories

"Forever Young"  handbag is a collection – where every handbag, bearing the same name, is more than a fashion accessory. Each piece embodies a lifestyle and serves as a reminder of the beauty in eternal moments. This vintage one-of-a-kind handbag hides a story that is not only about the beauty of hand-painted art but also about the meaning of the name.

  • Youth is in your heart! 
  • Honor your past, love your present, and dream about your future.
  • You are always young when you keep your curiosity and enjoy every learning experience. Talk to yourself encouragingly, because you are on your way to wisdom.
  • Youth does not look at numbers! Respect your body, love your soul, and talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend - full of appreciation and encouragement.

 Choosing the perfect size for your style

- 32cm length

- 20cm height

- 12,5cm thickness

- Strap: 39cm length, 17cm height

Please note that the strap length allows carrying only by hand or arm and is not long enough for carrying on the shoulder.

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