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Broken Wing - Small abstract painting with neutral tones

Broken Wing - Small abstract painting with neutral tones

Normaalihinta €130,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €130,00 EUR
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"Broken wing" reflects life's bumps, but also contains the power to get up and fly again, even if the journey to the heights is challenging. The wounds may be deep, but they don't stop us from dreaming of another flight. A broken wing does not define us, it is a step towards a new rise and a stronger flight. So, never give up on yourself. No matter how broken you feel, you have the strength to rise again. Believe in yourself and never stop dreaming.

Title: "Broken Wing"
Size: 20x30x3cm
Material: Mixed media on wood

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Features and Details

-Ready to hang
-Has a final coat of varnish applied for extra protection of colors & shine.
-Comes with a certificate of authenticity
-Hand-signed on the side by the artist
-Will be shipped in the box
-Please note that colors may vary on different screens

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