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"Colors of Life"- Series, Painting No.11

"Colors of Life"- Series, Painting No.11

Normaalihinta €130,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €130,00 EUR
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This small painting invites you into the depths with the power of a dark blue tone. It creates a captivating atmosphere, like the infinity of the night sky. The surface of the painting reflects like starlight, creating a mysterious glow. This small painting is like a journey into the silence and peace of the night.

Title: "Colors of Life"- Series, Painting No.11
Size: 20x30x3cm (7,9x11,8")
Material: Mixed media on wood

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Features and Details

-Ready to hang
-Has a final coat of glossy varnish applied for extra protection of colors & shine.
-Comes with a certificate of authenticity
-Hand-signed on the back by the artist
-Will be shipped in the box
-Please note that colors may vary on different screens

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