I'm Sun, an internationally-selling full-time artist from the vibrant city of Hamburg, Germany.

Explore original hand-painted acrylic paintings with a focus on intriguing textures. If you have a vision, you can also consider an individual commission, tailored to your desired size and color scheme.

Enjoy the journey through my online gallery—I hope you find inspiration within the strokes of my creations.

All paintings are 100% handmade unique artwork on quality canvas and acrylic paint.

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Paintings on pedestals are artworks where beauty meets practicality. They are a mix of paintings and sculpture, placed on an elegant pedestal. It's a beautiful decoration element to put on the shelf or sideboard.

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  • Female artist smiling in the studio.

    My Creative Journey

    I'm a Finnish artist based in Hamburg, Germany, and my style is abstract. Painting with acrylics allows me to express my emotions in multiple ways. I like to add texture and work with layers, and at the same time dive deeper into my thoughts and feelings. I love experimenting with different mediums and techniques, pushing myself out of my comfort zone to see what new possibilities might arise.

    Through my art, I offer my audience a glimpse into my inner world, sharing my personal journey in a way that is raw and authentic. My art is not just about aesthetics or technical skill, but about the emotions and stories that it communicates. It's not just about the final product - it's about the journey of creating it.

    I strive to be vulnerable and honest in my work, creating a space for empathy and understanding. That allows my audience to relate to my art on a deeper level. By sharing my journey through my art, I hope to offer a gift to my audience - the gift of emotional resonance and human connection.

  • Female artist standing with two large abstract paintings.

    My mission

    I believe that art is a powerful tool for healing and connection, offering a space for people to come together and share their stories. I aim to inspire individual change by encouraging others to discover the transformative power of self-love.

    By celebrating the beauty and complexity of the human experience, I hope to touch the hearts and souls of my audience, inspiring them to connect with their sense of self-love and to embrace their unique journey toward healing and self-discovery.

    Ultimately, my mission is to make a positive impact on people's lives, by offering them a chance to feel seen and heard in a world that can often feel isolating. In this way, my art has the potential to help us process our pain, our fears, and our joys, and to connect with others who have had similar experiences.

  • Sensitive photo of the female artist touching the large abstract painting.

    My creative voice and vision

    Through my art, I explore the importance of self-love and the role it plays in our emotional and spiritual well-being.

    I believe that self-love is not only a fundamental part of our existence, but also a necessary foundation for experiencing love in the world around us. I see my art as a tool for creating a ripple effect of healing and transformation, one person at a time. Art has the power to heal individuals and contribute to the collective healing of humanity.

    Through this process of individual change, I believe that we can begin to shift the collective consciousness towards a more loving and compassionate world.