I would be happy to paint a unique piece, especially for you!

If you love my artwork and didn't see what you were looking for on the website, you can order a commissioned artwork. Or maybe you like a painting that has already been sold, or you would like to have a similar one but in a different size or color. Please note that I work intuitively, so it's impossible to make a copy, but I can paint similar styles and techniques if some of my past paintings resonate with you.

From Vision to Canvas: Your guide to the commissioned painting

To request a commissioned painting, please email me your desired canvas size and your color wishes. I will also need photos of your home, at least from the room you plan the painting to hang, to get a picture of your style and to get inspired. You are also welcome to share some quotes, songs, or stories of yourself if you wish a special subject to inspire me. 

If you live in Hamburg, I can visit your home personally. Otherwise, we can communicate via email, WhatsApp, or make video calls during the process.
The timeline is usually 4–6 weeks, depending on my schedule and current commission list.

Payment process

I will take an initial deposit of 20%. You pay the rest 80% after you have approved the painting is ready for shipping and everyone is happy. If you want to cancel the deal, the deposit is non-refundable. It covers my material costs and the working hours I have put into the work. I also offer payment plans for 2–6 months. As soon as the painting is paid for fully, I will ship it to you in a cardboard box.

Commission prices

Commissions, just like my studio work, are priced by size, but for commissions, I need to take 20% higher prices, because of the extra time it takes to meet the client’s desires.