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"Colors of Life"- Series, Painting No.15

"Colors of Life"- Series, Painting No.15

Normaalihinta €110,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €110,00 EUR
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In this painting, orange, pink, and gold combine strongly and glowingly, creating an energetic and exciting atmosphere. Orange radiates vitality and passion, pink adds positive energy, and gold sparkles like the rays of the sun. This painting makes it clear how powerful colors can affect emotions and energize the day.

Title: "Colors of Life"- Series, Painting No.15
Size: 20x20x3cm (7,9x7,9")
Material: Mixed media on wood

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Features and Details

-Ready to hang
-Has a final coat of glossy varnish applied for extra protection of colors & shine.
-Comes with a certificate of authenticity
-Hand-signed on the back by the artist
-Will be shipped in the box
-Please note that colors may vary on different screens

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