Sun Rastas was born in Finland and now lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. She grew up in an artistic family. Her father was a painter and musician. Her earliest influences were her father and grandmother, who was also an artist. The smell of fresh paint and little oil color tubes are the golden memories of her childhood home. Her creativity was always in her like a birthmark. When she grew up, she had an interest in drawing portraits and figures with charcoal and pastel. Only as an adult did she discover the world with acrylic and finally found her true self with abstract art.

Sun studied at the school of handicrafts and applied arts in Finland and stepped into the film industry. She was working as a set designer in film and TV productions, also building sets in a theater and for TV productions, and working as a carpenter.  And many other creative projects until moving to Hamburg in 2012 where the real passion for abstract art started. 

Sun's major inspiration is the biggest mystery of life: the human mind. Discovering all the aspects that truly lie behind our subconscious and conscious mind and finding connections to these dimensions. Every painting is an adventure to new perceptions and insights.

The basis of her art is to make visible who we truly are. She creates a story for a journey of introspection that entices you to find the truth about yourself at different levels of consciousness. She explores how to become one's self and find one's true potential. With artistic expression, she strives to encounter the deepest essence of humanity, which is love.

As a self-taught artist, her curiosity and an open mind don't follow any rules or restrictions. She explores using different tools, techniques, and styles. Layer after layer, the material becomes a language of her emotional expression.